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Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz
Take the Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz, It is Below But First..
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Would you like to know if your ex still loves you?  Well, just take this scientific quiz developed to help you figure out if he or she hasn't lost this special feeling for you.  Why do I say it's scientific? It is scientific because it is based on different scenarios retold by couples who successfully reunited after a breakup and unfortunately, those who didn't do so well trying to patch things up.

I have complied this test from my years of experience as a  love relationship advisor who has worked with couples through thousands of breakups and makeups.  The score is based on a grading scale of 0 - 100 with 70 and up passing, or meaning yes, your ex loves you.

Of course, there are no guarantees of its accuracy in every case, because some couples just weren't formed in the usual mold.  Still, it will give most of you a pretty good idea if there is still something there!

So, if you're ready, here's the test.

1. Do you feel you ever really loved your ex?
2. Now answer honestly!  Do you still love him/her?
3. Your gut feeling; does he/she love you?
4. Since your breakup, has your ex made some change in his/her lifestyle you wished he/she would make when you were together?  For example, lose weight, stop smoking, budget.
5. Has your ex suggested the two of you remain friendly toward one another?
6. If you answered yes to question 5, did it happen the night of the breakup? If you answered no to question 5, go to next question.
7. If you answered yes to question 5, did he/she try to get the "let's still be friends" message to you some time later, even weeks later?
8. Was the breakup due to an argument, or a series of arguments you two had as opposed to an amicable, well thought out or planned parting?

Answer Yes to Question 9, Question 10 or Question 11, or answer No to all 3, but don't answer Yes to more than one of these 3 Questions.  In other words, after you have answered Questions 9,10 and 11, you will have answered No to at least 2 of them.

9. Has your ex make it a point to get the message to you he/she is doing very well now, even if you haven't asked?
10.Does your ex give you the impression he/she is doing about as well as you are after the breakup; not much better, not much worse?
11. Has your ex told you or gotten the message to you that life stinks without you?  For example, I'm doing terrible, I've never felt worse, etc.

12. Has your ex communicated to you through friends with messages that would make you think he/she is trying to impress you?  Note: these messages wouldn't be just that he/she wants to talk to you.  They would be more like, "I just got a big raise!"  
13. Does he/she owe you money or material goods and has not offered to return them or pay you?
14. As things are this moment, would you like to be back together with your ex?

Here are the answers and the scores:

1. No =   0  Yes = 12
2. No =   0  Yes = 15
3. No =   0  Yes =   8
4. No =   0  Yes, or I don't know, or there was nothing I was trying to change = 7
5. No =   0  Yes =    7
6. No =   0  Yes = -10
7. No =   0  Yes =  11
8. No =-14  Yes =  14
9. No =   0  Yes =    3
10.No =  0  Yes = 16
11.No =  0  Yes =   5
12.No =  0  Yes =-11
13.No =  0  Yes =  -3
14.No =  0  Yes =  10

Once again, it is impossible to read anybody's mind, especially when it comes to love, but in many casesthis will give you some idea.